Saying what you mean should be one of the easiest things you can do. However, people struggle with this every day. There are many people who feel constantly misunderstood. These feelings can be frustrating because making yourself understood is critical to your success at work and at home.

If this sounds like you, understand that you’re not alone. Communicating your feelings can be difficult. The underlying issue can be many things, from a fear of public speaking to misunderstanding your feelings.

The key is understanding how other people communicate and how they interpret certain verbal and non-verbal cues. One person may be comfortable dealing with facts and statistics, but others are looking for more “human” interactions.

If you choose the wrong style of communicating for the person you’re speaking to, you’ll find that it’s difficult to explain your thoughts and feelings. That’s why they say, “it is not what you are saying, but how you say it.

How My DISC Program Can Help You Communicate Your Message

In my DISC program, I am going to show you how to communicate with many different personalities. These are skills that will help you inside and outside of the office. In my DISC program, you will learn:

  • How to strengthen relationships and reduce conflict.
  • Your dominate DISC traits and how your traits influence how you communicate with others.
  • How to identify other DISC traits and learn to modify your communication for each style.
  • What you can expect in various office situations as you interact with the various DISC styles.
  • How you can use DISC to increase sales productivity and customer service success.
  • How to implement your new communication skills to improve teamwork and communication.

You can learn how to make yourself understood, no matter who you’re speaking to. Sign up for this one-of-a-kind workshop that’ll show you how to master the skill of speaking to others.