You have a superstar in your office. They meet deadlines, push projects, and are always busy. They are the unchallenged leaders on nearly every project. Without them, your office would be less productive, and you would lose money. There is only one problem. In some cases your superstar employee is a poor culture fit.

When you speak to your employee one-on-one, they are curt and to the point. They don’t make small talk, and they never ask you personal questions.

When you talk to other employees, they complain about your superstar. They say he/she is crass and rude. When your superstar walks into your room, chatter stops and people scowl.

Conflicts surrounding this employee are frequent. Your inbox is full of criticisms of your superstar. What can you possibly do? How do you appease your employees and keep your top performer happy?

It IS POSSIBLE to create harmony in your office, even after conflicts have escalated to the point of chaos. The solution does not require firing or hiring anyone new; it involves creating bridges between the many different personalities in your office.

Before you put out one more fire or console one more disgruntled employee, find out how my DISC Workshop can repair the connections on your team and bring peace and productivity back to your office.