In preparation for my DISC Workshop, I am writing about common office problems and how they can be solved. In this article, we are talking about how communication issues can create barriers for leaders.

When you walk into your office, all the employees stiffen. The talking stops, and everyone furiously types on their keyboards. You used to appreciate their respect, but you wished employees communicated more openly with you.

Suddenly, you notice that your top performing employees cower when they see you. When they work with you directly, they are on edge. New employees are friendly at first, but after a few days, they steer clear of your office.

While your authority is clearly respected, you wonder why your employees react to you with fear instead of friendliness and respect.  When your employees have fear of any kind in the workplace their reaction is to seek safety.  And often times that safe zone is to leave the company, including the top performers.

You may not realize it, but you have total control over how your employees view you. It is something you can change, and you DON’T have to sacrifice your authority to get there.

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