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“Gone are the days when leadership was determined by positions or titles. In today’s age, to be a successful leader one must empower, influence and inspire their team to unlock its extraordinary potential!”

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Leadership Coaching

Become A Leader They’ll Respect & Admire Whether Or Not You Have A Title

Whether you are an established leader looking to boost your performance or an aspiring manager ready to take on bigger challenges, our proven executive coaching will empower you with the skills, emotional intelligence and training you need to become an INFLUENTIAL LEADER.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do I inspire people, or are they following me because of my title?
  • Does my team truly believe in our company’s mission?
  • How do I motivate myself and others?
  • Do I create a collaborative environment?
  • How do I show others that I value them?

“If Your Actions Inspire Others to Dream More, Learn More, Do More And Become More, You Are A Leader.” - John Quincy Adams

For over 25 years we have helped thousands of professionals develop extraordinary communication and leadership skills that forge deeper, more authentic personal connections. During this time we have seen what it takes to be successful and learned what causes companies, managers and employees to struggle. The successful ones all had something in common and that was the ability to relate, motivate and communicate with everyone, even the most difficult people.

Master The Art Of

Business Emotional Intelligence
Sound Communication Skills
Innovative Leadership Strategies




This Comprehensive Leadership Development Program Will Show You How To:

  • Work Effectively With A Broad Range Of People
  • Hear Feedback That Will Remove Hidden Roadblocks
  • Adjust Your Approach, Improve Impact And Increase Performance
  • Develop Your Ability To Provide Feedback And Coach Others
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All leadership communication programs are custom-tailored to your individual and organizational goals. We’ll help you take full advantage of your strengths and confront any challenges that might be holding you back. You’ll learn to handle everything from difficult employees to organizational challenges, with the potential to excel not only in your organization, but in your industry.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Transformative Changes Clients Have Experienced:

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Take Advantage Of Our Blend Of Custom-Tailored Leadership Coaching And
Training Programs Designed For Current Executives, Managers And Emerging Leaders.

This Is What Our Clients Are Saying


“Working With Brenda Has Helped Me Gain Clarity And Direction On My Life!”

The Energy Leadership Program has helped me to grow as a leader! By applying the energy leadership process my team has become more enthusiastic, collaborative and engaged while increasing our productivity. Brenda, I want to thank you for the work you’ve done for me and how positively it has affected my business. We are reaching our objectives and I believe everything is possible when using the Energy Leadership process. In addition to being able to understand what motivates my team, I have been able to recognize where I can improve myself. Your coaching program helped me achieve some balance between my home life and work. I have less stress, more happiness and success. I highly recommend the Energy Leadership program!

– RTW, President

“...Extremely Valuable”

My coaching experience with Brenda was extremely valuable. She provides insight and techniques that help you most effectively manage yourself and others. That may sound interesting and it is! Learning to drive positive energy levels around you is a skill and key to success. Learning about Energy Leadership with Brenda has improved how I manage my communication style. Life is more rewarding when you achieve positive results. Thank you Brenda!

– Patricia A. Mendez Morin Vice President, Corporate Sales

"This Program Is A Phenomenal Tool With Unlimited Potential..."

Thanks Brenda – you are a gem! A truly remarkable learning event. I truly enjoyed learning about the inner qualities that make for effective leadership and learning how you can become the ideal leader. I feel privileged to have participated and to be a part of this training. Very good course that gave additional tools for coaching and leadership for business results. Brenda’s presentations and instruction are interactive, insightful and enlightening. I wish I would have had this training earlier!

Mia B, Program Co-Chair, PIHRA Orange County, CA

We Provide You With The Tools, Knowledge And Resources Necessary To Reach Your Goals


Gain clarity, Vision and Focus through a thought provoking process in which you will discover a deeper understanding of what type of leader you are.


Learn the top six key leadership styles, the consequence of each style and how to apply the appropriate style at the right moment.


Provides you with guidance, advice, direction on how to become an influential leader who can create engaged and motivated teams.

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