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Throughout the course of your professional career you’re going to encounter many different types of people. Each of them will have their own quirks, their own processes, and their own mentalities, and if you want to survive and thrive, it is imperative that you learn how to relate and communicate effectively with all of them.

What is DISC?

The DISC Model is a basic, user-friendly theory of human behavior. It gives you a common language to better understand yourself and others. It does not judge good or bad, or right or wrong.  DISC refers to the four core sets of behavior patterns (styles, languages); Dominant, Influential, Steady and Conscientious. The first letter of each of the patterns creates an easy to remember acronym: D I S C. The various combinations of the following four determine our own natural (native) DISC communication style (language.) No combination is better than another. Each behavior style has significantly different priorities and unique ways they live life and behave at work.

D-Dominant | I-Influential | C-Conscientious | S-Steady

What is the DISC Assessment?

The DISC Assessment is a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures and examines behavioral styles and communication preferences of individuals in their workplace environment. It measures “why people do what they do.

It first helps us to focus on understanding our own communication styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others. It does not measure intelligence, values, or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavior styles and appreciate the differences.

What is Our DISC Program?

Our DISC Assessment, Coaching & Training Program helps business people master relationship building through simple psychology and leveraging new communication technology.

We combine The DISC Assessment with targeted training and coaching to develop effective managers who foster teamwork, improve relationships with customers, recruit the right people in the right positions and increase sales skills and the understanding of all types of people. 

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This Is What Our Clients Are Saying

"Brenda Is A Great Speaker - Engaging And Thought Provoking!"

She will customize her workshops based on your needs which is awesome. I loved her consultative process and I felt like she listened to the needs of my team and addressed them head on in our DISC Workshops! Brenda’s interactive method with real life scenarios and practical application made it easy so the team could think about their communication.  They are now more effective at having positive conflict, understanding others and collaborating to create team dynamics and innovative ideas. I would recommend Brenda’s workshops for you to create team bonding, improve communication and take your accomplishments to the next level. – Karin Painter, Regional Director, VITAMIN T A Division of AQUENT

"Best decision I ever made for my team..."

I went to Brenda looking for guidance on how to manage the employee conflicts on my team. She’s a miracle worker! We all took the DISC Assessments and Brenda coached us on how to understand each other’s communication styles in order to be more effective colleagues. Reaching out to her was the best decision I ever made for my team. – Nevien

"...a valuable tool in helping to sharpen the communication skills of our managers"

We hired Brenda to coach and develop our Leadership Team so they could take their management skills to the next level. One exercise Brenda facilitated was a DISC Workshop which was engaging and informative. It was extremely successful from the standpoint that the participants were able to apply the learnings directly to their daily responsibilities. Brenda knows how to present useful information in a manner that makes learning fun. Utilizing Brenda as part of our professional development program has been a valuable tool in helping to sharpen the communication skills of our managers. I’m a firm believer in the value of investing in your management team and would gladly recommend Brenda Williams and her Leadership Training Workshops and Coaching Program. – Stuart Harris, Managing Partner, AltaFoodcraft