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Become a Leader that is Respected, Admired and Followed

“Most see leadership as an innate ability, something that a person is born with.” 

The reality is that leaders have natural strengths as well as natural limitations, such as challenge areas, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. In order to reach their full potential, leaders need training and guidance just like any other role in a company.

What separates an average leader from a top leader is the willingness to change, grow and challenge the status quo.  Today’s top leaders choose to make conscious choices and a commitment to discover alternative ways of thinking, acting and behaving.

“Many leaders get promoted because they are great at doing their job, not because they had an innate ability to lead, mentor and inspire people.”

The greatest leaders understand that their greatest asset is their team. So how do leaders with natural limitations lead a successful and effective team?

How Leaders Benefit From The DISC Program

Our DISC Assessment, Coaching & Training Program helps leaders and business people master relationship building through simple psychology and leveraging new communication methods.

Learning DISC will help you understand your most vital asset, your team.

Your ability to influence change will excel while you build trusting interpersonal relationships, develop deeper connections consisting of respect and become a leader that inspires and motivates your peers and team members.

How The DISC Program Works

DISC provides a structure in which communication can be personalized and individualized so that each person receives and hears your message based on their needs and priorities.

Basically, you learn the platinum rule:

Treat others the way they want to be treated!

What To Expect In The Workshop

Prior to the workshop, we will evaluate all participants using specialized DISC assessments to reveal their communication style.

After this workshop, you will gain personal insights, recognize traits, even non-verbal communication habits, and use that knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of the hidden roadblocks to exemplary communication.

Learning to identify and communicate with the four DISC styles will help you increase flexibility and become a multidimensional leader.

DISC Can Help You Rejuvenate Culture By:

Acquiring Emotional Awareness
Understanding Human Dynamics
Increasing Productivity with Less Stress
Coaching and Motivating Team Members

What Your Team Will Learn In The DISC Workshop

  • Assess your current leadership style
    Discover how to become the best leader you can be by learning about your current leadership style and how to capitalize on your strengths.
  • Specific tips on how to improve your communication
    Eliminate the guesswork and get step-by-step guidance on how to improve your communication and strengthen your position as a leader.
  • Personalized feedback for HOW to advance
    After your DISC Assessment, we will have a one-on-one session to discuss your goals and the strategies to achieve them.
  • Develop your ability to provide feedback and coach others
    Strengthen your natural abilities and build on your skills so you can coach, mentor and inspire your team members.
  • Help you solve critical business problems
    Reflect on how you approach each step of leadership and how to turn conflict into collaboration.
  • Reduce turnover and avoid “burnout” on your team
    Using DISC, you will discover how to put the best talent in all roles and retain employees for longer.

Start Your Journey Today

DISC Communication teaches you how to get the most out of each person on your team by positively influencing change in people and processes through the power of communication.

Whether you are an emerging leader or a seasoned vet, the DISC Program for Leaders will simplify the learning process and provide you with best practices to excel.

We can help you build the fundamental skills you need in our DISC Workshop. This workshop will assess your DISC profile and show you how you can improve your interactions with everyone in your personal and professional life.


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DISC Leadership 2 Hour Workshop – Includes up to 15 attendees
Workshop with customized exercises and breakout sessions
Additional assessments can be purchased to expand the group

Assessment and Report provide an overview of my individual and group strengths

Understand the diversity of human behavior

Develop self-awareness and discover my natural talents to adapt and stretch

DISC Communication Guidebook provides guidance on practical techniques

Turn conflict into positive conversation

Step-by-step instructions on how to work well with all types of people

Action Plan to advance each contributor’s performance

Guided action plan to improve human dynamics and engagement

Ready-to-launch templates to encourage collaboration

Monthly Live Call with Coach Brenda

Questions and answers for my unique communication encounters

Personal access to my own coach for emotional intelligence fire fighting

7 Secrets to Successful Communication Book

Top secrets for my internal positive communication success

Become aware of career-derailing blind spots

Plus Get Your Exclusive BONUS!

Access to 40 Weeks of Ongoing Training
VIP DISC Communication Membership Portal

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“Approaches I can start implementing immediately…”

I loved Brenda’s DISC Workshop! I learned so much about my personal communication styles and habits as well as those in my inner circle and how it allows us all to work together successfully. This DISC Workshop really was spot on about the behavior patterns and approaches that I can start implementing immediately in my daily communication with those around me.

. – Samantha Strom