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Whether you’re a talented executive interested in a more meaningful career,  an eager professional practitioner eager to get a fresh perspective on your career options, or a company looking to develop your current employees we can help you fast track your results!

I Don’t Know If I Need A New Career Or Just A New Job
I Want To Transition To Something More Meaningful
I’m Just Starting Out And Want To Get It Right The First Time
I Want To Make A Change, But Can’t Pass The Interview

Through Coaching And State-Of-The-Art Career Assessment Tools We’ll Help You Identify And Develop A Roadmap To Create Your Ideal Career Environment.

“Most of us spend a large part of time at work therefore our careers can become part of our identity.  Hence, the thought of making a career change can be difficult for most. Even the best of us have been challenged with the job search process and overall transition, and you are not alone.”  – Brenda

You Will Learn These Skills To Differentiate Yourself And WIN THE OPPORTUNITY:

Career ChangeBuild Confidence

Career ChangeImprove Communication Skills

Career ChangeDevelop Emotional Intelligence

Captivate Your Audience

Keep Them Engaged

Create Lasting Impressions


✓ Find your motivation through a journey of self-discovery ✓ Create a positive and confident mindset ✓ Assess your skills, talents and clarify your career goals ✓ Develop your career management strategy and implement a roadmap ✓ Create a plan of action for your career search


Interview Mastery

Learn To Excel At The Interview Win The Opportunity


Create A Unique Storyboard & Get More Interviews Scheduled

Lasting Impression

Present Your Value, Sell Your Achievements, Be Remembered

Door Knocking

Get An Interview Without An Appointment

Networking Strategies

Build Exceptional Relationships, Open New Doors

“A UNIQUE PROGRAM THAT CONSISTS OF PERSONAL COACHING, CONSULTING AND TRAINING” We provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to reach your goals.


Gain clarity, Vision and Focus through a thought provoking process in which you will discover a deeper understanding of who you and what you want in your career.


Learn tangible crucial skills and knowledge necessary to market yourself and master the interview and networking process.


Provides you with guidance, advice, direction to market yourself and create an achievable action plan to accelerate your career.

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This Is What Our Clients Are Saying


"Contacting Brenda Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!"

Ever imagine what your dream life would look like? Does it seem distant in your imagination? It did in mine. I took a step outside of my comfort zone and contacting Brenda was the best decision I ever made. Brenda helped me realize that my hopes and dreams were possible. She gave me a sense of clarity and focus during a major life transition and her guidance helped me land the career of my dreams. The skills she has taught me have helped to create a life filled with new possibilities.

Mike Garcia

"Brenda Gave Me Motivation And Direction That Helped Me Create A Vision For My Professional Future"

I began meeting with Brenda for career coaching during a time of great change, both personally and professionally. Seeking her help turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; Brenda is a truly gifted, insightful and inspirational coach. I deeply appreciate her authentic, direct and professional approach to coaching.

KariAnn Pike

"Helped Me Focus Like A Laser..."

I want to express my gratitude to Brenda for the valuable coaching she gave me recently during my career search. The ideas and advice she offered helped me refocus my preparation and reflect on all the valuable things that I could bring to a new position. Her suggestions helped me focus (like a laser) on exactly how to prepare for 4 professional interviews. I felt totally in-charge of my search and my future. The result was two offers that next week, one of which I accepted and am very happy that I did. I am thankful for her guidance in helping me to focus on the essential aspects of my background and the resources I can bring to the tasks at hand.


About Brenda Williams

For over 20 years Brenda Williams has helped people navigate and elevate their career paths equipping them with Effective Communication and Leadership Skills which has provided them with promotions, increased earning potential and new career opportunities.

I’d Like To Hear About You And Your Needs.

What To Expect:

You will create a trusting and confidential relationship with your personal life coach meeting weekly or bi-weekly to review your progress, reflect on the obstacles you encounter, brainstorm solutions, and set goals for the future. Your  certified professional life coach is a guide, sounding board, cheerleader, and an accountability partner to ensure that you stay on your path and reach your destination. In Person, Over The Phone, Skype from anywhere in the world…

Career Coaching, Consulting, Counseling

Elevate, Evolve & Accelerate Your Life and Career

How The Blended Approach Of Coaching, Consulting & Training Impacts Your Success

What Can The Average Person Expect To Get From Working With A Career Coach?

By and large, clients can reasonably expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. They should also feel as if the coaching relationship grants them some permission to relax a bit. The job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in people, and I often work with clients to unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck in their careers.

Career Change Coaching

Additional Services Include:

Career Change Counseling
Executive Coaching
Performance Coaching All Coaches Are Certified Career Counselors


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