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Increase Profits and Drive More Sales

There are two ways to approach selling – selling a product or selling a solution. Selling a solution always generates more sales. The key to selling a solution, however, is to recognize that you are selling the solution to SOMEONE’S problem! In order to do this, you need to understand PEOPLE and what makes them tick. Once you really “get” their problems you’ll be able to recommend solutions that will work best for them.

By taking the DISC Assessment, salespeople learn how to “decode” people. They learn to recognize behavioral cues and more deeply understand their customers’ motivations, fears and priorities. They learn to talk their customers’ unique “DISC-based” language so that customers feel heard and understood. Then the customers won’t feel like they’re being sold to, thereby trusting the salesperson and listening to what they’re offering. Instead, it will feel like a trusted advisor is helping solve their problem. This results in increased sales, repeat business and customer referrals! [Learn More About Our Workshop]

What Will Sales Teams Learn In This DISC Workshop?

  • Increases sales effectiveness using the power of DISC
    Your sales team will learn how to identify what makes customers ‘tick’ and how they can tap into this knowledge to increase sales and profits.
  • Drive product passion
    Find out what excites your sales team and learn how you can generate high enthusiasm for your products or services. Sales teams who are excited can transfer that passion to the customer.
  • Understand customer personalities
    This DISC workshop will train your sales team on the four basic DISC behavior styles and how they can better communicate with each type.
  • Increase client happiness and satisfaction
    Your sales team will be trained on how to understand clients’ behaviors and perceptions so that they can best serve them and create repeat business.
  • Maximize sales process success
    The training in this DISC Workshop will ensure that your team is operating at maximum capacity by teaching them how to reach and retain your ideal client.
  • Target your ideal clients
    Your sales people will learn how to find and target the best clients for your company and to sell your product or service more effectively

DISC Can Help You Become A Trusted Advisor By:

Increasing Sales and Referrals
Decoding Client Buying Priorities
Streamlining Client Communication
Understanding Customers’ Language

Start Your Journey Today

DISC Communication teaches you how to get the most out of each person on your team by positively influencing change in people and processes through the power of communication.

Whether you are a sales newbie or a seasoned seller, the DISC Program for Sales will simplify the learning process and provide you with best practices to excel.

We can help you build the fundamental skills you need in our DISC Workshop. This workshop will assess your DISC profile and show you how you can improve your interactions with everyone in your personal and professional life.


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DISC Sales 2 Hour Workshop – Includes up to 15 attendees
Workshop with customized exercises and breakout sessions
Additional assessments can be purchased to expand the group

Assessment and Report provide an overview of my individual and group strengths

Understand the diversity of human behavior

Develop self-awareness and discover my natural talents to adapt and stretch

DISC Communication Guidebook provides guidance on practical techniques

Turn conflict into positive conversation

Step-by-step instructions on how to work well with all types of people

Action Plan to advance each contributor’s performance

Guided action plan to improve human dynamics and engagement

Ready-to-launch templates to encourage collaboration

Monthly Live Call with Coach Brenda

Questions and answers for my unique communication encounters

Personal access to my own coach for emotional intelligence fire fighting

7 Secrets to Successful Communication Book

Top secrets for my internal positive communication success

Become aware of career-derailing blind spots

Plus Get Your Exclusive BONUS!

Access to 40 Weeks of Ongoing Training
VIP DISC Communication Membership Portal

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“The experience was not only enjoyable but very useful.”

Wow, so many great takeaways from your DISC Communication Workshop. I could immediately identify information that could help me in my business and personal life. The fact that this tool helps one know themselves better is extremely important to me. The time spent discussing the Platinum Rule was insightful and valuable. All in all, the experience was not only enjoyable but very useful.

. – Cerise Casello