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Improve Communication and All Relationships

You can’t choose your family…or your co-workers.

A single household or company department can consist of a spectrum of people with different personalities and preferences. Not everyone can live and work harmoniously with each other all the time – or can they?

DISC Assessments help us to understand natural differences between people. The more we realize that people have different needs and their own unique way of communicating the easier it becomes to accept their behaviors and value those very differences.

DISC provides a language and process for averting and minimizing conflicts. It also increases our individual self-awareness and helps us learn how to adapt and be flexible with other people’s styles, so we can manage our behaviors and emotions to be more successful wherever we are.

How Will DISC Help You?

Our DISC Assessment, Coaching & Training Program helps people master relationship building through simple psychology and leveraging new communication methods. After taking your DISC Assessment you will have a one on one coaching session which provides an in-depth review of your DISC Assessment.

After this coaching, you will recognize traits, even non-verbal communication habits, and use that knowledge to improve all the relationships in your life. You will learn new communication tools to understand how to relate, connect and communicate with all types of people, even the ones that you find most challenging.

What Will You Learn In This DISC Coaching?

  • Understand natural differences between people
    You will discover what the key communication styles are and learn how to capitalize on the unique traits of others.
  • Averting and minimizing conflicts
    Reduce or eliminate drama and tension by mastering the art of conflict resolution and create more amicable environments.
  • Increases individual self-awareness
    We will review your DISC profile to help you increase your emotional intelligence.
  • Manage behaviors and emotions to be more successful
    You will be able to identify the various emotions and behaviors you and others portray, and wisely select the appropriate response in all types of situations.

DISC Will Maximize Your Strengths By:

Expressing Yourself with Confidence

Turning Conflict into Collaboration

Influencing and Inspiring Others

Flexing and Adapting with Less Stress

Start Your Journey Today

DISC Communication teaches you how to reach your full potential by positively influencing people through the power of communication.

Whether you are in a personal or professional setting, DISC Coaching will simplify the learning process and provide you with best practices to excel.

We can help you build the fundamental skills you need with our DISC Coaching. This coaching session will assess your DISC profile and show you how you can improve your interactions with everyone in your personal and professional life.


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DISC Coaching – One-on-one personalized coaching session
Review your DISC Report to understand your unique behavioral style
Develop your customized action plan for personal and professional growth

Assessment and Report provide an overview of your individual strengths

Understand the diversity of human behavior

Develop self-awareness and discover your natural talents to adapt and stretch

DISC Communication Guidebook provides guidance on practical techniques

Turn conflict into positive conversation

Step-by-step instructions on how to work well with all types of people

Action Plan to advance your performance

Guided action plan to improve human dynamics and engagement

Ready-to-launch templates to encourage collaboration

Monthly Live Call with Coach Brenda

Questions and answers for your unique communication encounters

Personal access to your own coach for emotional intelligence fire fighting

7 Secrets to Successful Communication Book

Top secrets for your internal positive communication success

Become aware of career-derailing blind spots

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Access to 40 Weeks of Ongoing Training
VIP DISC Communication Membership Portal

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“A revelation to me…”

As someone who has gone through several DISC assessments at the office, I must say that Brenda Williams’ ideas on the subject were a revelation to me. Compared to the corporate trainer, Brenda has an extensive background coaching and training a diverse spectrum of people and she used that knowledge to take DISC concepts from theory to reality. A light bulb went off when Brenda made me realize DISC shouldn’t be limited to the office. It can be used while pursuing your long-term career goals and your personal life too!

Tony Crowell