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Human Resources is exactly that – utilizing people in workplace positions. But the “human” part is what’s tricky. Did you hire the right person for the job? Is the amazing candidate now having challenges in their role? Are you supporting personnel in the best possible way?

A human resource specialist’s job depends on their communication skills. They must know how to resolve conflicts, interview potential hires and deal with sensitive employee issues.

Using the DISC assessment, we will show you the most effective paths of communications between the four basic DISC behavioral styles. After this workshop, you will feel more confident in all the situations where you work and interact with people.

How Can Human Resources Benefit from the DISC Program?

Our DISC workshop will show human resource personnel how to identify potential personality conflicts and how to work with those personalities to resolve issues. It will also help you improve your hiring process by showing you how to recognize the basic DISC personality types and determine the best hires for the various roles in your company.

What Will Human Resource Teams Learn In This DISC Workshop?

  • How to attract the right person for your job listing
    The position you’re hiring for not only needs the right skills but the right behaviors. We will teach you how to identify the overall best fit for the job.
  • Increase employee success after the hiring process
    We will show your human resource personnel how to best onboard new employees so they are set up for success.
  • Improve office culture and create a rewarding environment
    Our DISC workshop will give you the skills you need to bring all the different DISC profiles together to create an amicable and supportive work environment.
  • Build positive interoffice relationships
    The work of the human resources staff doesn’t stop after the hiring process. This DISC Workshop will help them understand how to build trusting relationships for their ongoing support.

DISC Can Help You Maximize Employee Effectiveness By:

Averting and Minimizing Conflict
Reducing Turnover and Job Dissatisfaction
Creating a Culture that Unifies the Workforce
Increasing Productivity and Employee Engagement

DISC Communication teaches you how to get the most out of each person on your team by positively influencing change in people and processes through the power of communication.

Whether you are an HR newbie or a seasoned people person, the DISC Program for Human Resources will simplify the learning process and provide you with best practices to excel.

We can help you build the fundamental skills you need as a leader in our DISC Workshop. This workshop will assess your DISC profile and show you how you can improve your interactions with everyone in your personal and professional life.


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DISC Human Resources 2 Hour Workshop – Includes up to 15 attendees
Workshop with customized exercises and breakout sessions
Additional assessments can be purchased to expand the group

Assessment and Report provide an overview of my individual and group strengths

Understand the diversity of human behavior

Develop self-awareness and discover my natural talents to adapt and stretch

DISC Communication Guidebook provides guidance on practical techniques

Turn conflict into positive conversation

Step-by-step instructions on how to work well with all types of people

Action Plan to advance each contributor’s performance

Guided action plan to improve human dynamics and engagement

Ready-to-launch templates to encourage collaboration

Monthly Live Call with Coach Brenda

Questions and answers for my unique communication encounters

Personal access to my own coach for emotional intelligence fire fighting

7 Secrets to Successful Communication Book

Top secrets for my internal positive communication success

Become aware of career-derailing blind spots

Plus Get Your Exclusive BONUS!

Access to 40 Weeks of Ongoing Training
VIP DISC Communication Membership Portal

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“It was a great time.”

The DISC Workshop is a unique way of getting people to get out of their comfort zone. I had fun meeting new people and even in a short time, because of the topic, it made me feel at ease with communicating my opinions, knowing people will not judge me. It was a great time.

. – Minie Garcia-Meeker