Remember group projects in college? Four people would meet up in a coffee shop and outline a plan… that only one person would eventually work on and finish. Teamwork problems are apparent early in our education, and those problems don’t magically go away when you graduate college.

Those college students who struggled to complete group work are now adults, and they work at your company. While they are undoubtedly more responsible, they don’t work together any better. Without coaching and guidance, many of your employees with fail at teamwork for years to come.

If you are the manager responsible for employees who won’t cooperate, or if you are the person who shoulders the burden while the rest of your team takes the credit, you need to find a solution to your teamwork issues soon. You can talk to your coworkers and employees, but if you are not speaking the right language, your message won’t get across.

No matter what your situation is, your group project woes can be solved. You don’t need to switch departments to fix the problems either. All you need is a little help with communication.

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