Do You Find Yourself Leaving Conflicts Unresolved?

You’re in the break room with a colleague, when he looks over and asks, “Do you always butter your bread that way?” Ha, ha, you laugh. But inside, your story is going like this: Who does he think he is, Mr. Manners? What’s wrong with the way I butter my...

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Risk-Taking: The Courage To Be Authentic

What could be riskier than diving out of an airplane or climbing a glacier-covered peak or accelerating a race car into a curve at the Indy 500?   For one person it might be quitting a secure, well-paying job to go back to school. For another, it...

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Everyday Leadership: It’s An Inside Job

David sparked a fruitful conversation around waste when he gently asked the cafeteria manager at his workplace whether food might be served without unnecessary containers or wrapping, unless requested.   Susan worked a whole year to bring a group of...

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Optimism A Positively Essential Business Skill

If life could be graded, Anthony would give his an F. His work has been really stressful lately, his closest colleague has just left the company, he was transferred to another department, and he hates himself for the extra 50 pounds he’s carrying.  ...

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Maintaining Balance Is An Inside Job

If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you sometimes feel like Terrifico, the Terrified Tightrope Walker in the Circus of Life, working without a net while the crowd below holds their breath in anticipation of a slip, you’re not alone. These days...

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Creating What You Want In Life

We all wish to live the life we really want. If that's the case, why does it seem that so few of us actually do? Creating the life we want should be easy, but for many reasons it isn't. Sometimes we're too busy working, paying bills or picking up kids to...

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Effective Listening For Leaders

With organizations and individuals so fervently focused on the bottom line, it’s easy to ignore “softer” goals, such as listening well. All that touchy-feeling stuff is a waste of my time, you might say or think.   On the contrary! A focus on...

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Conflict Can Be a Creative Force

Conflict is as natural to the human experience as thunderstorms are to springtime. When left unchecked, conflict can generate heat and discomfort, disrupt interactions and destroy relationships. Between a couple, discord can lead to divorce. Between countries,...

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How to Get Multiple Job Offers

Join your host, Brenda Williams, and guest, Brenda Trujillo, for an exceptional podcast on mastering the interview process. What is your mindset when interviewing? Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get the job offer? Learn and Discover: Connect and...
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Finding the Mindset Balance in Your Life!

Join your host, Brenda Williams, and guest Kelin Balian, for an exceptional podcast on finding the right mindset and balance in your life. ​When was the last time woke up excited for the day? How often do you find the right balance to enjoy your life?...
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Get the Right Mindset and Create a Lucrative and Passionate Career!

Join your host, Brenda Williams and guest Brett Deister, for this exceptional podcast on getting into the right mindset to create a career path your are passionate about. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? How about taking a risk and making a...
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Learn How To Create Your Personal Brand!

Join your host, Brenda Williams and special guest Lisa Amin Desai, for this exceptional podcast on leadership and the power of personal branding. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone in your professional career? How about taking a risk and making the move to take that promotion?

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Ways to Cope with an Increased Workload

As businesses lay off workers and cut costs, those remaining usually face an increased workload. Stress is almost a given. Here are some ways to cope with all that extra work. The habits will serve you whether the economy is weak or strong. Let go of perfection. It...
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Mastering “Must-Have” Speaking Skills

Speaking well in front of an audience is no longer just a great skill to have, a “plus” in the business world. Whether you’re selling a product, submitting a progress report, presenting research results, training or motivating your team, or delivering a keynote...
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Do You Have Workaholic Habits?

There is a clear difference between enthusiastic, energetic work toward a highly valued goal and workaholism. That difference lies primarily in the emotional quality of the hours spent. Workaholism has a treadmill, joyless quality, not the bouncy, fun energy of a...
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The Business of Purpose

Two bricklayers are working alongside one another at a building site. A man walks by and asks one of them what they’re doing.   The first bricklayer replies, "I don't know and I don't care. All I do is slap this crummy mortar on these crummy bricks and pile them...
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All Business Media Radio FM

LIVE on the Radio with Business & Life Coach Brenda Williams, featuring talk about the essential skills needed to overcome your everyday life and business challenges.
Gain insight on how to welcome conflict and embrace change by mastering your emotional intelligence. This show will share the 3 C’s on how to create more happiness and success.

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Best Way to Beat Burnout—Prevent It!

 “My candle burns at both ends/it will not last the night.” —Edna St. Vincent Millay   Burnout resists simple definition because it affects so many aspects of an individual’s life. In their book, Beyond Burnout, authors David Welch, Donald Medeiros and George...
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